Our Team

Benoit Gordon

CPGA Professional / PGA of Canada
Mount Bruno Golf Club
St. Bruno, Qc

University Study:
     HEC Montreal
          MBA in Management   
     Coker College, SC, USA
          Bachelor Degree in Business Administration/Management              
73th Qc Jr Golf Championship, QC / Chamipion
75th Spring Open, QC / Am-Champion
104th U.S. Amateur Qualifier, NY / Champion
104th U.S. Amateur Championship, NY / 210th
49th Int'l Jr Master East Aurora, NY / Gold Flight Champion
11th CVAC Championship, SC / Runner Up [2nd]
72nd Qc Juvenille Golf Championship, QC / Runner Up [2nd]
71st Qc Juvenille Golf Championship, QC / Runner Up [2nd]
30th RSEQ Qc University Championship, QC / Runner Up [2nd]
2001 World Jr Golf Cup St-Andrews, Scotland / Canadian Team Member
2000 & 2002 Canadian Jr Championship / Qc Team Member


Simon St-Denis

University Studies
     UQAM (Quebec university in Montreal)
          Administration Bac, Marketing profile*
     Montreal University
          Law studies, certificate
LUX+  Sales Force
All of our Sales Agent have a great level of professionnalism and are industry leader in their fields. If you need assistance in your region, they will be more then happy to help out with any of our products.
  1. Brett Fletcher
    Brett Fletcher
    QC & Atl Sales Agent C: +1 (514) 864-6899 Agence Multi-Sports
  2. Martin Simard
    Martin Simard
    QC & Atl Sales Agent C: +1 (514) 907-3032 Agence Multi-Sports
  3. Brodie Carle
    Brodie Carle
    BC, AB, Sk & MB Sales Agent C: +1 (250) 859-5567 Brodie Carle Agency
  4. Mario Guertin
    Mario Guertin
    Ontario Sales Agent C: +1 (416) 930-2498
LUXuria Retail Team
  1. Shop Manager LaPrairie
    Aline Paquet
    Shop Manager - Golf LaPrairie
  2. Golf LaPrairie Staff
    Marjolaine Lamoureux
    Golf LaPrairie Staff
  3. Golf LaPrairie Staff
    Alexia Dupuis-Gaudreau
    Golf LaPrairie Staff
  4. Golf LaPrairie Staff And Ambassador
    Vincent Blanchette
    Golf LaPrairie Staff and LUXuria Brands Ambassador
  5. Golf Beloeil Staff
    Yves Richer
    Golf Beloeil Staff
  6. Golf Beloeil Staff
    Félix Normand
    Golf Beloeil Staff